Yiqian Yang

Yiqian Yang received her Bachelor degree of Opto-electronic Science Technology (cooperate with Nankai University) from the Department of Precision Instrument, Tianjin University in 2022. Then she became a PhD candidate of Optical Engineering at the Department of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University. Her research interest is quantum holographic imaging.

Quantum holography; Nonlinear Optics
1. Yiqian Yang and Liangcai Cao, “Quantum hyper-entangled system with multiple qubits based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion and birefringence effect,” Optical and Quantum Electronics 56, 12 (2023). [PAPER]

2. Yiqian Yang, Andrew Forbes, and Liangcai Cao, “A review of liquid crystal spatial light modulators: devices and applications,” Opto-Electronic Science 2(8), 230026 (2023). [PAPER]

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