❉ 03-2023, Liangcai Cao was invited to join the Editorial Board of JPhys: Photonics, IOP Publishing
❉ 02-2023, Yunhui Gao and Liangcai Cao delivered FIVE presentations at SPIE Photonics West 2023.
08-2022, Yunhui Gao, Liangcai Cao, Jiachen Wu, Yucheng Ma delivered presentations at CIOP 2022. 07-2022, Zhengzhong Huang was awarded Student Award in ISOM'22. 07-2022, Jiachen Wu was awarded as Innovative Talents Program by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.
❉ 04-2022, Xiaomeng Sui went to the University of Cambridge as a visiting student.
❉ 01-2022, Rujia Li went to the University of Stuttgart as a visiting student.
❉ 07-2021, Dr. Zehao He joined Hololab as a post-doctoral researcher.
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Publication Highlights
Recent Publication

Yunhui Gao and Liangcai Cao, "Iterative projection meets sparsity regularization: towards practical single-shot quantitative phase imaging with in-line holography," Light: Advanced Manufacturing 4, 6 (2023). [PAPER] [CODE]

Feng Yang, Jiachen Wu, Yunhui Gao, Hangying Zhang, Zhengzhong Huang, and Liangcai Cao, “A four-aperture super-resolution camera based on adaptive regularization parameter tuning, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 165, 107562 (2023). [PAPER] [CODE]

Yiyi Zhang, Zhengzhong Huang, Shangzhong Jin, and Liangcai Cao, "Hough transform-based multi-object autofocusing compressive holography," Applied Optics 62, D23-D30 (2023). [PAPER]

Zicheng Shen, Feng Zhao, Chunqi Jin, Shuai Wang, Liangcai Cao, and Yuanmu Yang, "Monocular metasurface camera for passive single-shot 4D imaging," Nature Communications 14, 1035 (2023). [PAPER]
Kexuan Liu, Jiachen Wu, Zehao He, and Liangcai Cao, 4K-DMDNet: diffraction model-driven network for 4K computer-generated holography, Opto-Electronic Advances 6, 220135 (2023). [PAPER] [CODE]
Zhengzhong Huang, Feng Yang, Bo Liu, Yan Liu, and Liangcai Cao, Aberration-free synthetic aperture phase microscopy based on alternating direction method, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 160, 107301 (2023). [PAPER]
Lidan He, Kexuan Liu, Zehao He, and Liangcai Cao, “Three-dimensional holographic communication system for the metaverse,” Optics Communications 526, 128894 (2023). [PAPER]
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