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Zhengzhong Huang and Liangcai Cao, "Quantitative phase imaging based on holography: trends and new perspectives," Light: Science & Applications 13, 145 (2024). [PAPER]

Yongwei Yao, Yaping Zhang, Qingyang Fu, Jilu Duan, Bing Zhang, Liangcai Cao, and Ting-chung Poon, "Adaptive layer-based computer-generated holograms," Optics Letters 49, 1481-1484 (2024). [PAPER]

✎Qinhua Wang, Jianshe Ma, Liangcai Cao, and Ping Su, "High-resolution portable lens-free on-chip microscopy with RGB LED via pinhole array," Chinese Optics Letters 22, 021101 (2024). [PAPER]

Yunhui Gao and Liangcai Cao, "Motion-resolved, reference-free holographic imaging via spatiotemporally regularized inversion," Optica 11, 32-41 (2024). [PAPER][CODE]

Giancarlo Pedrini, Rujia Li, Liangcai Cao, and Stephan Reichelt, "Lensless imaging in one shot using the complex degree of coherence obtained by multiaperture interferences," Optics Letters 49, 718-721 (2024). [PAPER]

Qiang Zhang, Zehao He, Zhenwei Xie, Qiaofeng Tan, Yunlong Sheng, Guofan Jin, Liangcai Cao, Xiaocong Yuan, "Diffractive optical elements 75 years on: from micro-optics to metasurfaces," Photonics Insights, 2, R09 (2023). [PAPER]

Yixin Yang, Yunhui Gao, Kexuan Liu, Zehao He, and Liangcai Cao, "Contactless human–computer interaction system based on three-dimensional holographic display and gesture recognition," Applied Physics B 129, 192 (2023). [PAPER]

Yiqian Yang and Liangcai Cao, "Quantum hyper-entangled system with multiple qubits based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion and birefringence effect," Optical and Quantum Electronics 56, 12 (2024). [PAPER]

Yiqian Yang, Andrew Forbes, and Liangcai Cao, "A review of liquid crystal spatial light modulators: devices and applications," Opto-Electronic Science 2(8), 230026 (2023). [PAPER]

Ninghe Liu, Zhengzhong Huang, Zehao He, and Liangcai Cao, "DGE-CNN: 2D-to-3D holographic display based on a depth gradient extracting module and ZCNN network," Optics Express 31, 23867-23876 (2023). [PAPER][CODE]

Xiaomeng Sui, Weijie Wu, Mike Pivnenko, Daping Chu, and Liangcai Cao, "Polarimetric calibrated robust dual-SLM complex-amplitude computer-generated holography," Optics Letters 48, 3625-3628 (2023). [PAPER]

12-2023, Kexuan Liu received the ESI highly cited paper for the paper entitled "4K-DMDNet: diffraction model-driven network for 4K computer-generated holography".
10-2023, Yiqian Yang received the outstanding oral presentation at Advanced Photonics Forum: Intelligent Photonics.
10-2023,Liangcai Cao, Jiachen Wu, Zhengzhong Huang, Kexuan Liu, Yiqian Yang, Yuchen Ma, Fangyu Liu delivered posters and presentations at Photonics Asia 2023.
10-2023, Liangcai Cao, Jiachen Wu, Kexuan Liu, Yuchen Ma, Yiqian Yang, Fangyu Liu delivered presentations SPIE Photonics Asia 2023.
10-2023, Jiachen Wu and Yuchen Ma delivered Four presentations at OPTICA FiO 2023.
10-2023, Zhengzhong Huang won the "Qingjin" award 2023.
10-2023, Jiachen Wu and Yuchen Ma delivered presentations at FiO+LS 2023, Tacoma, America.
09-2023, Yunhui Gao went to the City University of Hong Kong as a visiting research student.
08-2023, Yunhui Gao delivered two presentations at Optica Imaging Congress 2023 and SPIE-CLP Conference on Advanced Photonics 2023.
08-2023, Yunhui Gao won the first prize at the Light Doctoral Academic League and Prof. Liangcai Cao received the outstanding mentor award.
08-2023, Kexuan Liu and Liangcai Cao delivered two oral presentations at iMiD 2023, one oral and one poster presentations at KHU-THU Workshop.
08-2023, Liangcai Cao, Yuchen Ma and Yiqian Yang delivered presentations at PGC2023, Stockholm, Sweden.
07-2023, Yiqian Yang and Danlin Xu received the outstanding oral presentation at 1st Advanced Imaging and Information Processing Conference.
07-2023, Zhengzhong Huang delivered presentations at AIIP 2023.
07-2023, Zhengzhong Huang delivered presentations at academic conference of Chinese Optical Society.
06-2023, Yiqian Yang received the outstanding poster at 9th Asia Pacific Optical Sensor Conference.
06-2023, Jiachen Wu delivered presentation at SPIE Digital Optical Technologies.
06-2023, Liangcai Cao delivered presentation at SPIE Metrology.
06-2023, Light People: Professor Liangcai Cao was published. [PAPER]
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